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Healing Yourself - Feeling The Flow:


• Preventative medicine is your best health management insurance;
• Nourish yourself at the deepest level with nutritional supplements, homeopathic remedies and traditional Chinese herbs;
• Cleanse & Balance your body with proven naturopathic & homeopathic principles;
• Utilize acupuncture to release energetic, emotional and spiritual blockages. Regain your health and enjoy each & every day!

Depending upon the state of your health, one or several different forms of treatment may be recommended. Treatment programs will vary in duration from person to person. Some patients may need only occasional visits, while others who have been experiencing illness or imbalance for years may require a longer treatment program.

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Robert Abbatiello, N.D., L.Ac. will be helping you to set realistic goals that will enable you to naturally ease into renewed levels of health and vitality. These may include vitamins, minerals, homeopathics including genesis essence remedies, herbs, isopathic medication, specific nutrition protocols, acupuncture, or lifestyle modification such as exercise, meditation or yoga.


ClearPoint Acupuncture ™ (CPA) is an acupuncture system developed by Robert Abbatiello, N.D., L.Ac. over the course of his 20-plus-years of practice. Originally, Robert developed CPA for his "difficult case" patients but soon learned that this system was a highly-effective treatment with almost every condition that he encountered - it quickly became the standard treatment he utilized on a daily basis!

Robert's impetus for further development & refinement of his ClearPoint Acupuncture system is the belief that the correct point choice, location & sequence of insertion should yield immediate and profound results. His desire is to push the system of acupuncture to the edge of its healing capability. So, every session with a patient is ultimately an exercise in the process of identifying & eliminating energetic problems or faults - similar to computer software or equipment.

pull quote "It is a precision result-oriented therapy," says Robert Abbatiello. "The body is an intricate energetic puzzle that needs to be unraveled & rearranged delicately and with precision - acupuncture therapy threads the line of the time/space continuum which is why it is an extraordinary form of healing."

CPA effectively treats difficult neurological symptoms such as dizziness, Menieres disease, vertigo & neuralgia; pain such as sciatica, back sprain, joint issues & headache; and physical/emotional maladies such as fatigue, anxiety & depression. With the ClearPoint Acupuncture technique, the most effective point location can easily be obtained.

With the CPA technique, the point choice, sequence of insertion and removal is vital for the optimal treatment. Choosing the correct treatment sequence of meridian and/or points will produce the most effective treatment with the least number of points. Many if not all points have alternate locations: primarily, because the imbalance that generates the need for the point also skews its location as well.

Many classic acupuncture points are listed with alternative locations for this reason and finding the exact point & liberating the qi is fully dependent on location. Therefore, CPA's primary purpose is to be able to utilize Kinesiology to reveal the exact sequence and point location.

The entire procedure takes 15 minutes or less. Pain relief is immediate and conditions such as fatigue and emotional disturbances are greatly impacted within a 24-hour period. Robert is the only acupuncturist IN THE WORLD to practice the ClearPoint System of Healing! He is currently seeking advanced acupuncturists to mentor the ClearPoint System.



office By directing the flow of vital energy, Traditional Acupuncture strengthens & balances organ function and potentializes the healing response of the body. Acupuncture alleviates pain & increases immune response.

It is a complete system of healing providing effective treatment for numerous conditions including: pain, chronic fatigue, stress, depression, PMS, digestive problems, mental acuity, insomnia, heart disease, as well as common cold and flu.

It is effective as an adjunctive treatment for disorders effecting the immune system such as Lymes, AIDS, Lupus and Cancer.



Esoteric Acupuncture (EA) works simultaneously on the physical as well as the etheric and other subtle energies. With esoteric acupuncture only the gentlest insertion is necessary to establish a connection and obtain the maximum benefit. EA is formulated to clear emotional disharmony, elevate the consciousness, balance the chakras and open the heart.

The concept of harmonizing Shen or Spirit is a key aspect of the healing process, allowing heart and mind to function together with clarity and purpose. Healing at this level works to awaken, direct and balance the flow of the subtle energies of mind, emotion and body thereby supporting the healing process at the deepest level.



Using natural methods to support the body is an essential attribute of Naturopathy. Whether we are trying to recover from disease or prevent disease the bodies incredible ability to heal itself is your best resource. Cleansing, homeopathy, natural diet, herbs, vitamins, minerals, exercise and sauna are some of the therapies recommended in naturopathy to help your body restore itself to health.



Herbal Medicine is the most ancient form of health care known to humankind. Herbs have been used in all cultures throughout history. Extensive scientific documentation now exists concerning their use for many health conditions including: PMS, digestive problems, mental acuity, insomnia, heart disease, Lymes, colds, flu, chronic fatigue, cancer, hepatitis, HIV and many other concerns.



ClearPoint Kinesiology (a system of muscle testing developed by Robert Abbatiello, N.D., L.Ac.) is a method of accessing the bodies innate understanding of itself. Kinesiology is utilized to communicate and access information directly from the etheric and other subtle bodies.

kinesiology Robert has trained in many techniques of kinesiology and utilizes them where they are best suited and most likely to access the most accurate information. A nutritional kinesiology evaluation along with other methods of ClearPoint Kinesiology are utilized to develop and assess treatment protocols.

When performed with Esoteric Acupuncture, Intuitive Kinesiology is utilized to confirm chakra, meridian and organ energetics as well as developing treatment strategies to heal and open the heart.

Kinesiolgy techniques are specifically utilized to identify the prioritizing sequence of health imbalances to determine the order in which the body has developed the imbalance and which body system needs to be addressed first.

By doing this, the cause not simply the symptom is being treated. Specific reflex points are used to help identify what is the body's primary health concern and the correct treatment sequence that needs to take place in order for the body to completely heal itself.

Because emotional imbalances, allergies, food sensitivities, chemical and metal toxins can accurately be identified, the most beneficial acupuncture treatments, mineral, herbal, vitamin, homeopathic, and dietary protocols can be discerned as well. This dramatically reduces the time it takes to resolve your condition, saving you both time and money.



NeuroClear is a trauma/emotional release technique developed by Robert Abbatiello, N.D., L.Ac. NeuroClear is concerned with finding the original, archetypal trauma and/or other unresolved traumas and clearing them. NeuroClear can be utilized to resolve anxiety, manage PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) and release old thought & emotional patterns.

pull quote These can sabotage and prevent you from being authentically in the present without interference from the past. Simply put - "The problems that you have now can only be fixed with the same mind you had when you created them!" NeuroClear enables you to change your neuro-programing and puts you on course towards resolution of your problems.

The only way you can correct your neuro-programming is by accessing the emotional & mental configuration of the time the "imprint" or programming was created. During a trauma, your brain records and stores the experience along with a conclusion - or, even a lack of conclusion - pertaining to the meaning of the experience. Not just the experience itself.

An emotional abuse or trauma (especially one that is repeated) may leave one with a negative impression of themselves: for instance, that one is not good enough or does not deserve love. This concept of oneself is then applied to all similar situations & produces the same very painful experience over and over. It is unconscious and unavoidable.

In fact, a false program by its very nature will seek to re-create itself. For example, you know when you're looking for love in all the wrong places - but you don't or can't stop yourself. Your unconscious mind is like a computer, hit the "love" button and whatever it is programmed to do will happen. Hit the "prosperity" button and over time, the programmed outcome will happen.

This is what two of my many clients said about my NeuroClear method of healing:

"In my case, one of the most helpful of Robert's skills is the use of NeuroClear to find and clear emotional triggers that have compromised my health and kept me mired in old patterns. I strongly recommend NeuroClear." - Shirley R.

"Living in the awakened state without that trauma [after my NeuroClear treatment] is - well - wonderful... The impact is profound and life changing." - Edward

** Click HERE to read Robert's "Testimonials"!! **

I'm not saying that we can't learn to compensate or over-ride our unconscious beliefs but in either case, we will struggle with them over and over until they are corrected. By utilizing the NeuroClear system and allowing the false conclusion to be revisited & observed below the cognitive level (at the super-conscious level), the inaccuracy of the conclusion will be revealed and the super-conscious mind will automatically correct the mental programming.

You can not just say I am lovable and its so. Your subconscious mind must know it and allow you to be loved.

After a NeuroClear treatment, instead of the false conclusion of the five-year old which stated "daddy didn't love me because I was unlovable," the new imprint might be "daddy was not able to love me, and I am still lovable." The old, fallible reality is a false, negative conclusion which creates a life of painful decisions & experiences... the new, corrected understanding opens up the positive possibility that love is an option. It is an instant & automatic correction!

We did not program ourselves consciously and therefore we cannot correct the program consciously: it must be done by the super-conscious mind. By revisiting those moments in the order in which the false conclusion was created, we can clear the NEURONIC (neurotic) misprint and the correct one will then emerge on its own.

Hence, reality will take over. God's plan for you will be able to unfold. With the NeuroClear system, "Truth does not need to be created - only revealed."



Robert Abbatiello
Robert Abbatiello, N.D., L.Ac.

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